The Power of the Blog Comment

This is a guest post by Sean Fahey (@sfahey)Ceo and Founder of

Over the course of this past year I've spent much time researching about online marketing, reading many discussions on the benefits of content marketing, blogging, and blog commenting, and how it can positively impact brands. At first I can honestly say I didn't see the value of commenting, with the exception of potential back links to my website.  So when I came across an article which spoke of a no-follow rule (which many blogs use to prevent any back links from being published) you can imagine my reluctance. I just didn't see the value.

Despite my skepticism, I'm a believer that we need to test things in order to make an informed decision. So I began commenting on various industry related blogs with the hopes that I could offer relevant information to the reader, potentially increasing brand awareness of my own company.

What happened next made me realize the value of commenting. To my surprise, I received a phone call fromThe National, one of Canada's most popular news programs. They wanted to feature my company (VidCruiter) in an episode on their national broadcast program. Naturally, I asked the reporter how he had heard about VidCruiter? His response: I read a blog comment on  (view the article here -  Robot Invasion )

Now just imagine. One simple blog comment landed VidCruiter coverage on a nationwide program that brands spend millions on to place a few commercials during that time.

So I ask, what is the ROI on that one comment?


Ok, so here's what I have learned. If you are ever questioning whether blog commenting is worth doing, I would say 1000% yes.  Of course, my situation is unique, but being present and active online will undoubtedly help you raise brand awareness at some point if you remain consistent.

What do you think? I would love to hear how blog commenting has positively (or negatively) impacted your brand? Are you a skeptic or a believer?

This article was a guest blog post by Sean Fahey the CEO of

Guest post: Sean Fahey ( @sfaheyis the CEO of (@VidCruiter) video interview software company that helps improve the quality of hiring. He also and teaches at  Universite de Moncton