Try = Fear

The word “try”.

I’ve used this word before. It’s a very powerful word. It has a greater impact on our efforts than we realize.


I find it peculiar how we have a tendency to say phases like:

“I’m trying not to ______” ,


“I’m trying to quit _____ (smoking, overeating, etc)

The very nature of the word "try” is a sheepish and unassertive term. It has a negative subconscious effect on us

By saying we’ll “try”, we are actually telling ourselves one or more of the following:

a. I don’t believe I can succeed.

b. I don’t want to succeed.

c: I’m afraid of failing so I won’t do it.

d. I’m afraid of the outcome if I do succeed.

Notice what all these have in common? They’re all driven by FEAR. We’re admitting failure before it even happens.

Instead of saying the word “I’ll try” replace it with “I will” or “I am” .

I know I will.